Writing Opportunity

One of the key objectives for this book is to encourage writers to start writing active monologues so actors and teachers have access to appropriate pieces for auditions and class work. To this end, we seek talented writers to submit two of their best active monologues for an opportunity to have their work published in a future volume of "Active Monologues That Directors Want to Hear."


Monologue entries must adhere to the following guidelines:
1) Monologue should be 45-120 seconds in length
2) A majority of the dialogue should use active form (no past tense stories)
3) The monologue character should address one partner in the present moment and have a great need to communicate what they want from them
4) Monologue should allow the listener to grasp character relationships and the basic argument of the event early in the piece
5) Monologue should adhere to rules of decency. Avoid sending in monologues that may be offensive to an auditor. This includes pieces with drug addicts, sexual abuse victims, or characters using profane language.
6) Include title of play/monologue, character name, brief description of character speaking and their relationship to invisible partner and event
7) Entries must be original and applicant must be owner and controller of copyright
8) Submission is restricted to monologues that have not been previously published

Note: The monologue character may retell past events but use present, active words in the telling, and/or, keep the words directly connected to what the character needs from the person they are talking with; thus, keeping the presentation active and in the present moment.

Writers will retain all rights to their monologue material and will be notified only if their work is chosen for publication. By entering your monologue, you are confirming your ownership of copyright of work submitted, and the work has not been previously published. You fully understand the remuneration for a winning entry is publication by Bell Crandall Publishing in a future volume of "Active Monologues That Directors Want to Hear," one free copy of the book, and the satisfaction of knowing you’ve contributed to a collection of monologues that will grant student actors and teachers easy access to active material for class work and auditions.

Submit Your Monologue!