“My students have always struggled to find active monologues for class and most of what they find is about the past. So many monologues are characters telling a story about something that’s over with, which is passive, disengaging, and worst of all: inactive. Paul’s book is a goldmine of action and it will give students rich, dynamic pieces in which they can engage the fundamentals of theatre: action.”
— Charles Krebs, Associate Professor of Theatre

“This is an unusually good selection of monologues for college-aged students, especially … invaluable for training the actor, as well as for use in auditions and competitions.”
—Dr. Dawn Larsen, Associate Professor of Theatre

“Each monologue has its own unique voice. Every page is its own adventure. Very rarely do you come across a monologue book that is useful for both sexes and all races. This book excludes no one.”
—Justin Vanden Heuvel, Actor

“I laughed and I cried. The voices in these monologues are so authentic that the characters became three dimensional in the space of a few short lines."
—Leigh Ann Farrell, Actress

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